The Trailer

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The Project

The idea for this project arose at the beginning of 2014 as members of a worldwide Catholic group, called the Schoenstatt Movement, prepared for the 100th anniversary celebration that would take place in Germany and Rome from October 14th to October 26, 2014. 

Here in Austin, Texas USA, we were inspired to offer our gifts and talents in the filmmaking industry so that the world might get to know God's desire for us each to live lives full of meaning, purpose, and heroic love.  For us that meant sharing what we have come to know of Schoenstatt's spirituality and how it has proven to be a guide and a support for living a life of holiness for millions worldwide.

In this documentary, you will see how the Catholic faith is being lived throughout the world within the Schoenstatt Movement.  You will hear from seven individuals from six different countries as they share their own experience of Schoenstatt and take us through the 100-year celebration so that we can live it through their eyes. 

More importantly, we hope that you will be inspired to renew the meaning and purpose in each moment of your life!  This is an opportunity for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to see a new way of living faith, hope, and love in a style that is relevant to the concerns of our modern times.