You can make a difference. 

A project like this doesn't happen if it doesn't have the support from a community through financial contributions, spreading the word, and lots of prayer.  We need your help to continue to share the message that each one of us is called to be a saint in our daily lives.

Support us Financially

Your monetary support helps to fairly compensate our professional filmmakers, covering the costs of color-correction, sound-mixing, DVD printing and more.  AND it will support them in creating more projects like this!  Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting our mission!

Spread the Word

Telling your friends and family is the biggest compliment you can pay us!  It tells us that you really believe in what we are doing and are a part of our team too.  This is invaluable in helping us to get this film in front of thousands of people. Thank you so much!

What is our guiding mission?

Our mission is that through the lived, communal experience of the Jubilee of Schoenstatt, each of our viewers renew Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church and the world by:

  1. Choosing the way to holiness: Mary

  2. Building deep and strong bonds and attachments in the Church

  3. Taking a missionary option!

See Fr. Heinrich's Program

What are the next steps?

Money raised will be destined for:

  1. Continuing to get the word out!
  2. Production and distribution of DVDs for more ready access for groups, parishes and faithful around the world. Release is scheduled for February 2015.  Costs are estimated around $2,750
  3. Maintenance of the Seed of a New World web services. ~$80/month
  4. Seed money for future projects by the Seed of a New World team.  Mark and Sean already have many project ideas looking forward!