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A Film to Inspire You to Live Heroically

On October 18th, 1914 in a small town in Germany, a group of young men gathered, not knowing that 100 years later their meeting would impact millions of lives worldwide. This film tells the story of 7 modern-day individuals, from different corners of the world, who are living the same heroism of those original young men.  Join them as they share about their lives, challenges, and the ultimate secret to their heroism as they travel to the 100th anniversary celebrations in Germany and Rome--celebrations of an international Catholic group called the Schoenstatt Movement.


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Meet the cast

Seven people, six countries, five languages, one spirituality.
Get to know the Schoenstatt members
we follow throughout the film.

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 Our mission is to bring this film to the whole world so that it can be seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.

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